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Learning Hebrew Slang

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A friend emailed me a link to this article from Haaretz: Street Tongue, the Hebrew they Never Taught You. It has a list of lots of common Hebrew slang (at least it is common for Israelis – this is the type of stuff they do not teach you at day school or pre-aliyah ulpan) that could be very useful reference for a new oleh.

(Technical note: you may have to change the page encoding in your browser to Hebrew to get the hebrew here to display properly. In Firefox you can do this through View –> Character Encoding –> (Mote –> Middle Eastern –> ) Hebrew. In Internet Explorer you can do this through View –> Encoding –> More –> Hebrew. If that doesn’t work, just use the English as a transliterated text for the proper pronunciations)

Written by Yaakov

November 14th, 2005 at 5:00 pm

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  1. Shalom , How do you say a person who has a really easy job or the name for
    a really easy job? ( Army slang?) Todah, Miriam

    Miriam Saltz

    16 Feb 08 at 4:03

  2. Hi, what does קףשאת חאדצד mean? I am in a contest and I can get to learn Hebrew for free if I know the meaning of this word.. thank you


    26 Feb 09 at 23:48

  3. Person with an easy job is hapshan


    26 Oct 09 at 21:53

  4. the URL to the “street tongue” is no longer working. does anyone know of an active link for the slang?? i’m thinking about making aliyah, and part of that is being able to blend in. imo, that includes calling people mo-fos when they deserve it.


    24 Aug 10 at 6:11

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