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Kosher Toilet Paper

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Upon exiting the W.C., one of our guests this Shabbat said “You guys are so frum – even your toilet paper is kosher!”

I went in to check, and indeed, marked on every package of our Shabbat toilet paper/tissues was a stamp that said “Kosher for Pesach leMehadrin, Badatz”. Basically, our toilet paper is under the strictest rabbinical supervision.

Now, since it did not say Dairy or Meat, I think that I can safely assume that our toilet paper can be considered Pareve, and can be used with both dairy and meat meals. And with Pesach fast approaching, we will not have to sell our surplus toilet paper to the local non-Jew.

However, being that the toilet paper is Kosher for Passover, this raises some other very important questions:

  • Is the toilet paper only for people who eat Kitniyot? Or can Ashkenazim like us use it as well?
  • Does the toilet paper contain Gebruchts?
  • If we have an open package of toilet paper before Pesach, are we allowed to use it on Pesach? If not, how do we kasher it? Is boiling it good enough? Or will we have to use a blow torch?

Any assistance in answering these questions will be much appreciated.

Written by Yaakov

March 11th, 2006 at 8:03 pm

12 Responses to 'Kosher Toilet Paper'

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  1. Also, isn’t there a question about the fact that you are using said toilet paper and it isn’t even Pesach? like, aren’t you supposed to stop using it a month before pesach? hmmmm……

    Rak B’yisrael!!!

    and yes, missed your posts, and yes, noticed you weren’t posting, but I still kept checking! :)


    11 Mar 06 at 22:44

  2. Well, since this isn’t shmurah toilet paper, we didn’t plan on using it on the Seder night anyway, so I didn’t think that the month thing would apply. However, it is also worthy of investigation.


    12 Mar 06 at 9:01

  3. In years past, I saw “kosher toilet paper” in Israel like you describe. Next to the hashgacha symbol was a statement that the toilet paper was made under strict supervision to insure that no shaimot (Torah writings) were included in the recycled paper used to produce the toilet paper.

    Here in the US (don’t ask…), we get many imported Israeli food products. One brand of juice under the badatz hashgacha has the statement “Kasher l’yamot ha-shannah bilvad”. Translated: Kosher certification applies only to the days of the year. This begs the Haggaddah-esque question: does the hashgacha apply only during the days and not during the nights? :) If the hashgacha only applies during “the days of the year”, what days is the juice not under hashgacha?

    (After asking a few people, everyone agreed that the statement probably means that the hashgacha does not include Pesach supervision.)


    13 Mar 06 at 18:25

  4. When people found out that ‘gniza’ (paper from sifrei Torah, tfillin etc) was part of the old paper used in some Israeli recycling plants to make toilet paper, they called for supervision. So kosher toilet paper does make sense (kosher in the sense: fit for use by a religious jew). Kosher for pesach is a standard thing that badatz puts on all products that have no problem being used on Pesach.

    Ron Katz

    29 Mar 06 at 23:23

  5. Why is there a problem with toilet paper? Especially after it is used, it is not ‘raui l’achilat kelev’ anymore?


    30 Mar 06 at 9:37

  6. I don’t know…I have seen some dogs do some pretty disgusting things…


    30 Mar 06 at 14:46

  7. You know…if the responsible (maybe IRRESPONSIBLE!!) organizations didn’t waste their time–and OUR money–hechshering aluminum foil, bottled water, and toilet paper, they might actually find the time to hechsher clothing. Are you aware that in ORTHODOX stores, you can buy clothes that are shatnez?!


    6 Apr 07 at 16:14

  8. I thought it had to be kosher to make sure no melacha was done on Shabbos by Jews to produce it


    4 May 08 at 9:12

  9. There is a story about Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Orbach Blessed is the Memory of a Righteous one, who was told that the Hamodia newspaper put out an ad for kosher toilet paper. He said its Loshon Horo (slander) against the newspaper. So they brought the newspaper to him. He said its loshon horo on the company. So they showed him the toilet paper itself. He said: “In that case, the hechsher is no good. They need to stamp it on each peace of paper”!

    Another story tells about a yeshiva bochur who was in the bathroom for a very long time. Finally the mashgiach went over to find out if everything is OK. The bochur explained: I was waiting so I have kashiur, for asher yotzor.

    And finally, there’s the story of the man who bought a new toilet seat before the guests came to his house for Pesach (Passover). His neighbor saw him at the door with the package, and said: Wow! Where did you find that chumra!


    22 Mar 09 at 17:43

  10. I offer my services to tear and stack the sheets of your paper so that you all will not be conflicted about rending any fabric in an untimely manner.

    Peter – unemployed shabbos goy

    p.s. – And everyone ridicules Catholics for their debates about angels and pinheads. Oy.

    Peter Pedrotti, Jr.

    27 Apr 09 at 21:21

  11. Peter – well, actually in this case your services probably wouldn’t be necessary – the toilet paper in question is sold precut (special for Shabbos).

    But thanks for the offer.


    27 Apr 09 at 21:29

  12. Yaakov –

    Now that is planning!


    Peter Pedrotti, Jr.

    27 Apr 09 at 22:40

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