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Kosher Toilet Paper

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Upon exiting the W.C., one of our guests this Shabbat said “You guys are so frum – even your toilet paper is kosher!”

I went in to check, and indeed, marked on every package of our Shabbat toilet paper/tissues was a stamp that said “Kosher for Pesach leMehadrin, Badatz”. Basically, our toilet paper is under the strictest rabbinical supervision.

Now, since it did not say Dairy or Meat, I think that I can safely assume that our toilet paper can be considered Pareve, and can be used with both dairy and meat meals. And with Pesach fast approaching, we will not have to sell our surplus toilet paper to the local non-Jew.

However, being that the toilet paper is Kosher for Passover, this raises some other very important questions:

  • Is the toilet paper only for people who eat Kitniyot? Or can Ashkenazim like us use it as well?
  • Does the toilet paper contain Gebruchts?
  • If we have an open package of toilet paper before Pesach, are we allowed to use it on Pesach? If not, how do we kasher it? Is boiling it good enough? Or will we have to use a blow torch?

Any assistance in answering these questions will be much appreciated.

Written by Yaakov

March 11th, 2006 at 8:03 pm

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