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28 Days to Matza

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Just finished washing the crock pot…from last Shabbat. I guess with Purim and all this week, it gives some kind of an excuse to have the crock pot not totally clean all weak (it had to go through several cycles of hot water and soap –> soak –> rinse and repeat though). But with one meal out and no guests this Shabbat we are allowed to be a little bit more laid back.

5) Before beginning the search for chametz, one recites the beracha ??? ????? ???????? ?????? ?? ???? ???. One should not speak between the end of the beracha and the beginning of the search. It is preferrable not to speak about things (not related to the search) until the search has been completed (432:1). Any members of the family (or others) who want to participate in the search should listen to the beracha of the ba’al habayit before participating.(432:2). Some have the minhag to place pieces of bread of bread in order to “find” them during the search. However, this is not something that is required (Rema) since the beracha that is made is for the chametz that will be burned on the next day (MB 432:13).

6) After the search is done, be sure to place all of your remaining pieces of chametz in locations where they will not easily be disturbed. It is recommended to place them inside a container or to hang them in the air, in such a location where it would be impossible for a mouse (434:1) or a baby (MB 434:4) to reach the chametz. This way you minimize the chance of having to do another search.

Shabbat Shalom!

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March 17th, 2006 at 4:47 pm

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