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Torah Van

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Quick Only-In-Israel story that happened tonight: there is a hachnassat Sefer Torah (dedication and completion of a new Torah scroll) tonight at one of the shuls on the yishuv. I had seen some announcements and flyers up over the past week, but wasn’t planning on attending. Still, around 5pm I started to hear some music playing pretty loudly (but still all the way up the hill, near the entrance to the yishuv).

When we left our apartment around 5:30 to go to our car, and the music was much louder. And getting louder by the second.

Ten seconds later, a van pulled onto our street. Blaring music, decorated with flashing lights on all sides, as well as some type of device on top of the van with lots more moving lights. Apparently it was his job to spread some of the simcha of the new Torah around the yishuv (as well as try to get more people to come). He drove down the street, turned around in front of our house (Moshe was loving it) and then up the street and on to his next mission.

Written by Yaakov

November 26th, 2006 at 7:47 pm

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