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Israel’s Right in the ‘Disputed’ Territories

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There is a good article by Danny Ayalon in the Wall Street Journal called “Israel’s Right in the ‘Disputed’ Territories“:

The recent statements by the European Union’s new foreign relations chief Catherine Ashton criticizing Israel have once again brought international attention to Jerusalem and the settlements. However, little appears to be truly understood about Israel’s rights to what are generally called the “occupied territories” but what really are “disputed territories.”

That’s because the land now known as the West Bank cannot be considered “occupied” in the legal sense of the word as it had not attained recognized sovereignty before Israel’s conquest. Contrary to some beliefs there has never been a Palestinian state, and no other nation has ever established Jerusalem as its capital despite it being under Islamic control for hundreds of years

It lays out very clearly the history of the West Bank, and why the term “Occupied Territories” is inaccurate. Good reference material for a discussion on the matter (since most people just accept the fact that this term is correctly applied – the more something is repeated, the more credence it is given).

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December 31st, 2009 at 9:35 am

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Open Up My Money Please

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Today when they went to the makolet, Adina gave Moshe and Chananya a half shekel each to spend on a treat. Moshe (4.5 years old) is starting to understand the concept of money. Chananya (2.5 years old) doesn’t really get it at all yet, other than knowing of its existence. So upon being handed a half shekel coin, Chananya says “Ima, open it please”.

(If you don’t get the joke – which Chananya meant in all seriousness – then please recall the holiday that just ended, and the small chocolate coins that kids receive and eat in abundance during said holiday).

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December 24th, 2009 at 9:59 pm

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Google Maps Removes Israel

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View Israel on Google Maps. Then look at the embedded version of the same page below.

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(Here is a screenshot in case the embedded version doesn’t work).

Something missing? If you don’t see it, try zooming in on the map, and comparing Israel with Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon or even Syria. Looks like Nike and Google have something in common (most probably because Nike uses the Google Maps API to get their maps).

Now, if you go to the Google Maps site, you can see roads in Israel (and get directions, etc – all of the regular Maps functions). So why would they disable it for the embedded/API version? My best guess (though it is hard to understand those who think this way): Google doesn’t want to risk “offending” users in countries that hate Israel by having any details of Israel show up on embedded maps that said users would use on their own websites. So they just removed all details of Israel from the embedded version. Problem solved. The Zionist Entity is now gone. Or something like that. (If you want to find an alternative map site in Israel, try Mapa).

See Jonathan’s comment below and this thread on the Google forums for more info. Looks like it is a content licensing issue.

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December 1st, 2009 at 2:33 pm

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